Students: Dropout rates have been increasing since the beginning of the crisis due to continuous displacement and poor living conditions for families, making it very difficult to overcome the cycle of ignorance.

Teachers: The non-payment of teachers’ salaries is considered one of the major challenges that continues to have a profound impact on the sustainability of education in the country.

Infrastructure: The ongoing conflict in Yemen has had a devastating impact on the educational infrastructure. One out of every eight schools is now unusable, either due to complete destruction, partial damage, being used for non-educational purposes, or being closed due to proximity to conflict zones.

Curriculum: Due to the cessation of the textbook printing process, students are experiencing a lack of access to the educational curriculum, which has weakened the role of education in promoting a culture of tolerance, fostering values of peace, and principles of equality.



YIAD believes that education is a basic human right and a general community interest that the local and international community should strive to secure. Education is seen as the foundation of development and a crucial factor for the transformation of individuals and communities. Therefore, YIAD strives to ensure the right of every student in Yemen to achieve success through education.

YIAD also pays attention to displaced, marginalized, and refugee children. It strives to ensure that these children are not deprived of their right to education due to their displacement, poverty, or unfavorable circumstances imposed on them. YIAD believes that contributing to improving the opportunities for general, vocational, and higher education is achieved through the cooperation of everyone – individuals and organizations – alike.


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