The Challenge

The current conflict in Yemen spiraled more than five years ago and has dramatically devastated the country’s already fragile education system. The conflict has taken a severe toll on children’s access to education.
As these children grow up without education the chances of them being exploited and unprepared to overcome the cycle of poverty is very high. Girls who are out of school also face a higher risk of early marriage, early, multiple and un-spaced pregnancies. Boys face a higher risk of recruitment by armed groups and lawless militias.
One of the largest challenges has also been the lack of teachers’ salary payments which continues to have a profound effect education accessibility in the country . Nearly three quarters of public school teachers in 11 governorates have not been paid their wages since 2016, resulting in education disruption impacting nearly 3.7 million children in these governorates

The Commitment

YIAD believes that education is a critical foundation for development and transformational for individuals and societies. YIAD seeks to ensure that every child in Yemen has the right to safe access and thrive and succeed through education. YIAD also pays attention to the plight of  children of IDPs, those marginalized, and refugees in order to ensure these children  are not deprived of their basic education rights due to their displacement, poverty or unfavorable conditions imposed on them. Our commitments to improve education in Yemen are not achievable without your kind support both as individuals and organizations alike.

What we do

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