The First Summit on Education in Emergency Situations

“Under the esteemed patronage of the Minister of Education in Yemen, Dr. Tarek Salem Al-Akbari, the Yemeni International Development Agency, in partnership with the Human Access Association for Partnership and Development, held the First Summit on Education in Yemen in Emergency Situations on Thursday, April 8, 2021. The summit took place on the Zoom virtual platform in collaboration with the Human Excellence Association in Kuwait, the Classera International Company, and the Pure Hands Association in America. The event was attended and participated in by 125 local, regional, and international organizations and institutions.

The summit, held under the theme ‘Yemeni Education: Pain and Hope,’ was driven by a sense of social responsibility towards the wounded land and people of Yemen. It aimed to explore the current state of Yemeni education, assess the damages caused by the war, and understand their impact on the present and future of Yemen. The objectives of the summit included reviewing the current state of Yemeni education, identifying the damages resulting from the war, exchanging experiences among participants from local and international organizations in supporting education projects during emergencies, and defining and preparing an urgent and critical project matrix for the short and medium term, ranging from one to three years.

The participants produced several outcomes and recommendations, including:

  1. Urgency in implementing the proposed project packages from organizing entities.
  2. Recommending an increase in allocations for educational projects within the commitments of donors in the framework of the humanitarian response plan.
  3. Distancing education from political polarization within the framework of unifying educational decisions nationwide.
  4. Addressing the psychological and health effects on students and teachers resulting from the war and increasing spending to support this aspect.
  5. Emphasizing the importance of e-learning and benefiting from successful experiences.
  6. The necessity of productive cooperation and integration between the official side, represented by the Ministry of Education, and civil society institutions.

In conclusion, the Yemeni International Development Agency and the Human Access Association praised the role of contractors who have contributed to the educational process in Yemen.”

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