The Yemeni International Development Agency concludes the forum on the dimensions of international humanitarian work

“The Yemeni International Development Agency concluded the activities of the forum on ‘Dimensions of International Humanitarian Work and its Relationship to Resource Development,’ held in Istanbul, Turkey. The forum spanned three days from July 26 to 28.

Sponsored by the Yemeni International Development Agency, Human Access, the International Center for Human Values and Civilizational Cooperation, WORID HUMANITARIAN ACTION FORUM, PURE HANDS, and the Humanitarian Academy for Development, the event saw the participation of numerous leaders of humanitarian organizations and associations at both the Turkish and Arab levels. The forum hosted prominent figures in the field of international humanitarian work.

Throughout the sessions of the forum, the perspectives and dimensions of international humanitarian work were discussed, along with methods for developing financial resources for institutions and mechanisms for obtaining support and grants from international and governmental funds. Additionally, successful experiences and practices in the field of humanitarian work were showcased.”

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