The Yemeni International Development Agency, in its Yemen office, honors the Deputy Minister of Education

“As part of efforts to enhance partnerships with government institutions, Dr. Ali bin Ali Al-Abab, Deputy Minister of Education, met with a team from the Yemeni International Development Agency, represented by Dr. Abdullah Al-Jouri, Director of Alliances and Partnerships Management, in his office.

During the meeting, the agency’s efforts in the educational sector were reviewed, aiming to facilitate quality education opportunities for students at all levels, especially for displaced populations and residents of remote areas. The education needs in the country and the priority interventions in this field were also discussed.

In the meeting, the agency’s team honored the Deputy Minister of Education with a certificate of appreciation, expressing gratitude for his support and facilitation of the agency’s work in the educational sector, as well as his commitment to its success.

The Deputy Minister of Education welcomed the agency and praised its efforts in the educational field, urging everyone to intensify efforts to serve the Yemeni community and assist the state in achieving development goals.”

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