Visit of a Delegation from the Yemeni International Development Agency to Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

“Acting on the partnership between the Yemeni International Development Agency and major educational institutions in Istanbul, and to enhance the strategic goals of the agency in the education sector, a delegation from the agency led by its General Manager, Mr. Waeam Al-Din Ibrahim, visited Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. During the visit, the delegation met with Professor Sami Al-Aryan, the Director of the Center for Islamic Studies and International Affairs and a professor of public affairs.

Several topics were discussed during this visit, with a focus on the agency’s project to support gifted and creative students. The discussions also covered how students can benefit from various research systems during their postgraduate studies and the importance of enhancing their language skills, especially in Western languages. Additionally, the registration process for talented students at the university for master’s studies was discussed. Professor Al-Aryan explained the university’s system and addressed questions from talented students about their educational future.”

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