With funding from the International Islamic Charitable Organization, the Yemeni International Development Agency opens the Samia Girls’ School in Al-Jufayna (School of Wadhah Ahmed Al-Bahr, may she rest in peace)

The Yemen International Development Agency, in collaboration with the International Islamic Charitable Organization, inaugurated the Samia Girls’ School in the Al-Jufayna area of Marib Province. This initiative is part of their efforts to support the educational process and alleviate the suffering of displaced persons in the province.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Bakri, Deputy Director of Education in Marib, Mr. Abdullah Shaddad, Project Director at the Education Office, Mr. Mohammad Marsh, Director of Education in the City Directorate, and Mr. Ali Matir, Head of the Education Sector at the Executive Unit.

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Bakri considered this project to be a valuable addition to the educational process for girls, especially given the overcrowding in government schools due to the increased number of displaced individuals in the region. He expressed his gratitude to the International Islamic Charitable Organization and the Yemen International Development Agency for their contributions to such projects that enhance the quality and level of education.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Jamal Qahtan, Deputy Executive Director of the Agency in Yemen, emphasized the Agency’s commitment to implementing projects that contribute to significant improvements in the education sector and its services.

It’s worth noting that the school consists of five classrooms, an administrative office, two restrooms, and is fully furnished. It can accommodate up to 400 students in two shifts.

This project is part of the Yemen International Development Agency’s educational interventions for the year 2023, where the Agency has implemented several schools in various Yemeni provinces.

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