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The Yemen International Agency for development in the Yemen Office visits Oxfam-Marib

Within a series of coordination meetings aimed to expand the scope of partnerships with international organizations operating in Yemen and to seek for strong relations between them, Oxfam-Marib office was visited by YIAD Marib office team. Drç Abdu salam Alsalami, the Agency Executive Director with Dr. Jamal Qahtan, the project unit director, Dr. Abdullah Al-Juri, Partnerships unit director and Mr. Adel Seif, the International Partnerships Officer.
The visit aimed to strengthen the cooperation with Oxfam office in Marib, through introducing the agency’s projects inside and outside the governorate. to establish an effective partnership between the two organizations.
The Agency’s Executive Director also reviewed the Agency’s efforts and areas of humanitarian and development work, and the two sides discussed future aspects of cooperation relation between the two parts.


Workshop on Modern Means of Obtaining Funding and Grants for Humanitarian Institutions

Excerpts from the workshop that was sponsored and managed by the Yemen International Agency for Development, entitled “Modern Means of Obtaining Funding and Grants for Humanitarian Institutions”, in which Dr. Hani Al-Banna, a humanitarian expert, president and founder of the World Forum for Humanitarian Action, and a number of charitable and humanitarian work symbols around the world, lectured with the participation of A large number of heads and representatives of associations and institutions interested in humanitarian work.


First Forum for Education in Emergencies

Under the generous patronage of His Excellency the Yemeni Minister of Education, Dr. Tariq Salem Al-Akbari, the Yemeni Agency for International Development and the Humanitarian Access Association for Partnership and Development held the first forum for education in Yemen in light of emergencies on Thursday the eighth of April 2021 on the virtual zoom platform and in partnership with the Association of Excellence Humanitarian in Kuwait, Classera International Company, and the Pure Hands Association in America with the presence and participation of 125 local, regional and international organizations, associations, and institutions, under the slogan of Yemeni education pain and hope and out of a sense of societal responsibility towards a wounded Yemen on the ground and a human being and trying to save the educational process and study the reality of Yemeni education today and see the size Damages resulting from the war and its impact on the present and future of Yemen
The forum aimed to:
Review the reality of Yemeni education today, with an indication of the damage caused by the war and its impact on the present and future of Yemen.
Defining and preparing a matrix of urgent and urgent projects in the short and medium term, from one to three years.

  • Exchange of experiences between the participants from local and international organizations in supporting education projects in accordance with the standards of learning in light of emergencies.
    The participants in this forum came out with many outputs and recommendations, most notably the following:
    The necessity to expedite the implementation of the package of projects submitted by the organizing authorities
    Recommending raising allocations for educational projects as part of donor pledges within the framework of the humanitarian response plan.
  • Distancing education from political polarization within the framework of unifying the educational decision throughout the country.
    Addressing the psychological and health effects of students and teachers resulting from the war and increasing spending in support of this aspect
  • The need to pay attention to e-learning and benefit from success experiences.
    The need for fruitful cooperation and complementarity between the official side, represented by the Ministry of Education and civil society institutions.
    At the end of the forum, the Yemeni International Development Agency and the Association for Humanitarian Access praised the role of the contractors and those who started the process of contributing to the educational process in Yemen.

The visit of Sheikh Hamid bin Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar to the Yemen International Agency for Development

Sheikh Hamid bin Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar, “the Yemeni parliamentarian”, visited the Yemen International Agency for Development. During the visit, he met with the Agency’s president, Dr.Mugahed Margan, his deputy, Dr. Abdul Raqeeb Abbad, and members of the Turkey office. During the visit, Sheikh Hamid was briefed on the agency’s activities and achievements on the development side in Yemen and ways Available cooperation to serve the Yemeni people


Visit of NGOs of the islamic world (İDSB)

Visit of Mr. Serdar bayram, President of the Young Union of The NGOs of the islamic world (İDSB) to the Yemen International Agency for Development (YIAD). #yiad


Visit of the President of Yemen International Agency for Development to Hadramout Governorate

The President of the Yemen International Agency for Development, Dr.Mugahed Margan, visited the governorate of Hadramout, and during the visit he met with a number of governorate leaders, headed by the governor’s deputy for the directorates of Wadi Hadramout and the Sahara, Issam Al-Kathiri.Yemen International Agency for Development

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Al-Wafaa Charitable Camp for People with Special Needs, Marib Governorate

The president of Yemen International Agency for Development, Dr. Mugahed, attended the opening of the Al-Wafaa Charitable Camp for People with Special Needs in Marib Governorate, which was funded by the Islah Society in Bahrain and implemented by the Al-Amal Charitable Society and under the supervision and mediation of the Yemeni International Agency, and the inauguration was attended by the governorate’s deputy, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Bakri and a number of local authority leadersThe Agency’s President

Dr. Mugahed, explained that the camp includes a number of housing units as homes equipped with various services, including electricity, water and air conditioning, and that dozens of families with special needs benefit from it.