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The Yemeni International Development Agency launches the school bag and uniform distribution project for the year 2023-2024

Mr. Abdulwase Shadad, the Director of the Education Office, inaugurated the school bag and uniform distribution project at the Al-Hakimi Martyrs School in Taiz Governorate. This project is funded by the International Islamic Charitable Organization of Kuwait and implemented by the Yemeni International Development Agency. It aims to assist 106 orphaned students in the secondary stage in the city’s districts.

During the inauguration, Mr. Abdulwase Shadad emphasized the importance of such projects in supporting the education sector and encouraging students to continue their education while overcoming the obstacles they face. This is achieved by providing them with school bags and uniforms. He noted that projects like this have a significant impact on enhancing the motivation of students, especially orphans, to continue their learning.

On the other hand, Mr. Mohammed Nasser, the representative of the Yemeni International Development Agency, mentioned that this initiative is part of the agency’s educational interventions for the year 2023. The project aims to support and motivate orphans in the secondary stage for the current academic year.

It’s worth mentioning that the project includes the distribution of comprehensive school bags, school uniforms, and coverage of educational fees. Additionally, it involves the implementation of various specialized educational activities and programs to enhance the skills of orphans and motivate them to continue their educational journey.

The inauguration was attended by Mrs. Samiha Abu Al-Surur, the director of Al-Hakimi Martyrs School, and several teachers.

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