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The delegation of the “SEED” Foundation visits the office of the Yemen International Agency for Development – Turkey

As part of enhancing partnership, cooperation, and exchanging experiences, the President of the Yemen International Agency for Development – Turkey, received the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “SEED” Foundation. During the visit, ways to enhance cooperation in the development of humanitarian institutions and partnership in implementing developmental projects in various fields were discussed.


Conclusion of the Tamkin Program for English Language Study

Yemen International Agency for Development held a closing session for students enrolled in the Tamkin English Language Learning Program. The session included a workshop to enhance the program, and students presented showcases demonstrating their linguistic abilities, competing for the title of the best speaker. Outstanding students in the program were also honored for the year 2023.


The President of the Yemeni International Development Agency Meets with a Lead Fragility and Resilience Specialist, IsDB

The president of Yemen International Agency for Development receives Mr. Mohamed Al-Hadi, Lead Fragility and Resilience Specialist, IsDB. Cooperation was affirmed to support economic and social development in Yemen, with discussions focusing on educational, economic, and humanitarian challenges in the country. Both parties emphasized collaborative efforts to enhance the quality of education, empower the community, and achieve effective results.


Job Vacancy

Job Title: Alliances and Partnerships Specialist

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Management or Public Relations


  • A minimum of three years of experience in the field of public relations
  • Fluent in English and Turkish
  • Ability to build effective relationships
  • Good at using computers
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Valid residence permit in Turkey

Work Location: Turkey Office – Istanbul

Please send your CV Email: hrtr@yiad.org


The Yemeni ambassador to Turkey visits the Yemeni International Development Agency

The President of the Yemeni International Development Agency, Dr. Abdul-Raqeeb Abbad, received His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen, Major General Muhammad Salih Tariq, at the Agency’s headquarters in Istanbul. The ambassador praised the great and proactive efforts exerted by the agency through various development projects.
The two sides also discussed the importance of strengthening coordination between Yemeni institutions and organizations, and working to unify efforts to support those affected by the earthquake that struck southern Turkey.
The meeting was attended by Mr. Weam Al-Din Al-Hudaini, Director General of the Agency, and Mr. Talal Jamil, the media attache of the Yemeni Embassy in Ankara.

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